A collection of high quality, uniquely designed clothing and merchandise, inspired by graffiti, conspiracy theories, uk hip hop, sacred symbolism, psychedelics, psychology, cartoons and cannabis. 

—————-—————————-—————--COMING SOON—————————————————-——

 Customised camouflaged pants in multiple colours with custom prints and ink jet printed designs accompanied by shotgun shell buttons !!! .Bandanas, rain coats and jewellery on the horizon. Also "lost minds’ collaboration in the works www.lostminds.com - check out their website for some next level threads and jewellery. Anyways  IF YOUR LOOKING FOR SOMETHING UNIQUE THAT PRETTY MUCH NOBODY HAS, AND IS HIGH QUALITY, AND WILL STAND THE TEST OF TIME, THEN YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. —— same day delivery guaranteed (except Sunday’s) ..... HAPPY SHOPPING x